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Reduce tobacco use among Minnesota teens

Target Market was a multi-media social marketing campaign with a daunting challenge: reduce tobacco use among Minnesota teens. Target Market used a variety of tactics to engage, educate and rally youth around its cause. From formative research, advertising campaigns, website production, event organization and more, the campaign tackled tobacco companies’ lies head on, and achieved unprecedented results.

By its third year, Target Market reduced teen smoking in Minnesota by an amazing 25 percent. Additionally, 87 percent of Minnesota teens reported being aware of the Target Market brand, and 68 percent said that campaign inspired them to fight back against big tobacco. Target Market’s success gave youth a brighter future and made Minnesota a healthier place for everyone.

Target Market was a youth tobacco prevention campaign that ran from 1999 to 2002 in Minnesota. Community Blueprint’s Jim Audette served as the campaign’s executive director, and Program Director Andy Berndt as a youth leader.