Changing the Way Students See Their Food 

Crosswinds Arts and Science School in Woodbury, MN, received a Catalyst mini-grant to help fund their school garden. Their garden consists of a variety of vegetables, including carrots, collard greens, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes and more. After harvesting the vegetables, students wash them and hand them over to Crosswinds’ cooks, who steam, stir-fry, broil and bake them into tasty lunch concoctions. Much of the harvested veggies go straight into Crosswinds’ new salad bar. Students then get to enjoy extremely fresh vegetables, picked by their very own classmates. Students would routinely ask the food service staff about the featured vegetables, and where they came from. During the video, the staff and students were proud to talk about how they help with the garden, and the delicious food it produces for their lunches.