We work together to define your passion, engage you target audience, and develop a communication strategy that will resonate. We help create change in people, in behaviors and in communities.

Formative Research

Better understanding your audience generates ideas that will truly resonate with them. Through focus groups, surveys and interviews, we develop messages that create targeted, relevant and organic campaigns.

Creative Services

Our graphic design capabilities create eye-catching, memorable and strategic visuals that are necessary to develop a successful, far-reaching campaign.

Social Marketing

From grassroots marketing, to youth summits and advocacy trainings, we bring your message to the community in unique, engaging and memorable ways.

Video Production

We make videos that engage, educate and inspire. From web/viral videos to documentaries, we have years of experience in crafting a memorable story, that also brings an impactful message.


Photovoice is a participatory media project that engages communities to tell their stories through photography. We train people to use photography to document the struggles and successes of their communities in facing social and public health issues. This promotes dialogue and creates advocates for social change.

Community Engagement

Community awareness campaigns allow people to get involved in the process of creating change. We provide strategic planning and organizing services to help you connect with your audience and create lasting behavior shifts.