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We help non-profits like you increase donor donations at your annual event through video storytelling.

Without the contributions from donors, non-profits are unable to work effectively and serve your community.
Studies show donors want to give but more importantly, they desire to know the impact of your organization.
We help you demonstrate the impact of your organization through video storytelling.

Our videos have increased donor donations for other non-profit organizations like you. Have a look!

SafeZone Drop-In Center

After discovering she was pregnant at 18 y/o, Sierra overcame adversity with the help of SafeZone.

St. Thomas More

Playtime¬†is fundamental to children’s development. St. Thomas More knew this and wanted to update their jungle gym.

Good Grocer

Kurt is on a mission to create a dignified community around affordable healthy food in South Minneapolis.

The best stories create an emotional connection. That emotional connection keeps your donors engaged and encourages them to learn more about the story.

Our Process
We first identify the heart of your video, shoot and edit the video, and finally share the video at your event.


It was enjoyable working with Community Blueprint. Their staff has an incredible ability to capture stories that communicate the heartbeat of a mission. The video was used with great success at year-end donor meetings and on our website.

Kurt Vickman, Founder & Owner of Good Grocer

Our annual gala was transformed by Community Blueprint. They created a terrific donor solicitation video to use during the live auction. Without their help, we would never have been able to raise the money that we did during the event.

Gerilyn Hausback, Executive Director for myHealth Clinic for Teens & Young Adults

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